Labbok Castor Oil 50ml | 100ml
Labbok Castor Oil 50ml | 100ml

Labbok Castor Oil 50ml | 100ml


Cold Pressed
100% Natural
100% Certified organic
100% Pure
Suitable for homeopathy
50ml |100ml

SIZE: 100ml ( 1.98)
100ml ( 1.98)

Organic Castor Oil comes from the "Common Castor" plant that grows in the tropics of Africa and India. It is by nature a thick oil used mainly on hair, lashes and nails for hardening and nourishment. Leaves hair shiny and vibrant. Castor oil has the ability to repair weakened hair and ends with scissors. Thus, it reduces by several weeks the need for a visit to the hairdresser for trimming, resulting in a few extra inches of hair. It also hardens the nails and helps a lot the short and weak lashes to lengthen and strengthen.


Ricinus Communis Seed oil organic

How to use

The oils have a healing and cosmetic effect on the skin. They are used either as such, or in mixtures with essential oils, through a simple application or by massage. They are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, in dietary supplements and many of them in haute cuisine. Ideal for body massage, hair and eyelashes.